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September 24, 2008

Tent of Shem

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Read the Noahic oracle –  Gen 9:20-27. Given that the flood is a re-creation event, having numerous parallels with creation itself, the oracle functions just as the proto-evangelium did in Gen 3:15. It provides further ilumination on redemptive history. Canaan (son of Ham) will be cursed and on the receiving end of judgment and Japheth will be brought in to the tent of Shem. Canaan has certainly turned out to be the whipping boy of history, and Japheth (signifying the Gentiles in general) have been brought into covenant relationship with God.

Now read Acts 10. Here is the historical event that inaugurates the fulfillment of the Japheth-Shem portion of Noah’s oracle.

Presumably, reflecting on these two historical events, you will agree that Gen 9:20-27 and Acts 10 bear the promise-fulfillment relationship that characterizes redemptive history.

Now re-read Acts 10:48. My question to you is this: Did Peter command them to be baptized because a) they were now believers (i.e. Peter was a credo-baptist) or b) they were now Japheth brought into the tent of Shem and had to be given the sacramental sign of such inclusion (i.e. Peter believed in covenant theology)?

A second question is much more problematic, but I think helps immensely to answer the first question. Why did Peter command them to be baptised? My experience as an observer in credo-baptist circles is that in every case the expectation was that believers would volunteer for baptism when they feel that they are really ready to get serious about this Jesus business and then make a request for it to be done. Never have I seen anyone commanded to get baptised  in credo-baptist circles.

This passage should be relevant to the upcoming Hoagies&Stogies debate, Oct 4, 2008.

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