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October 26, 2007

All Rise.

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This post and those that follow serve as an introduction to the upcoming debate to be held Dec 1, 2007 at RubeRad’s Hoagies and Stogies event. The debate topic that will be discussed is whether or not it is permissible to sing hymns in Christian congregational worship or whether only Psalms should be sung.

I am happy to be the father of the organizer of this event and as such he has invited me to lunch with himself and the two gentlemen who will be debating. At that lunch I will be able to ask some questions in advance of the debate.

I expect to ask questions regarding the exact nature of Christian worship. In this regard I suspect that at least one, possibly both debaters see essential Christian congregational worship as covenant creatures responding to God in the context of a courtroom scene. Here the creator judge enumerates in no uncertain terms the crimes that we his creatures have committed. We respond by uttering the only thing possible: yes we are guilty of these crimes. The creator judge then assumes the role of redeemer God wherein he offers the pardon of the gospel in Jesus Christ. We then respond with praise and thanksgiving as we accept this blessed offer.

I also expect to ask questions regarding the Regulative Principle of Worship since that topic is certainly germane to the debate itself. I am also pretty sure that both debaters adhere to the RPW. The RPW can be thought of as the sola scriptura principle as applied to worship. What it says is this: We must do in worship exactly and only that which God has commanded us to do in scripture. This is opposed to the usual way of looking at it: We may do in worship anything as long as God has not forbidden it in scripture.

The courtroom (notice I do not consider this a metaphor – it is a courtroom) very appropriately forms the bedrock for the RPW. What guilty criminal would waltz into court expecting to call the shots – essentially dictating to the judge what forms of worship he must endure while we do our thing in his presence. No. There are strict rules for how we behave in court in the presence of the king.

My next post will come out in a few days and in it I will detail where these ideas come from and will also provide scriptural support for the RPW.

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October 23, 2007

Head East Young Man — No, Wait — Make that West.

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There was absolutely nothing that the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) could have done over the last 48 hours (Sunday 10/21/07 and Monday 10/22/07) to solve the problems that confronted us. We were threatened by yet another massive firestorm here in San Diego County. If you saw the reports you will know that 300+ homes were burned out in Rancho Bernardo. If you go to Google maps and enter 11517 Danza Circle (a burned down house I chose randomly) and zoom out a little until you can see this location and Poway Lake at the same time you will see that our house in RB is two miles from the 300 burned out RB homes and 3 miles from the burned out homes near Poway Lake.(We are just to the right of the Bernardo Heights Country Club). We are also three miles from the path of the fire that went from San Pasqual Valley under US 15 south of Lake Hodges and resulted in the RB fires.

When they started evacuating the hospital a mile from our house, I happily starting loading up my car with our stuff. (Let me interject here that I like my stuff a lot. I am quite unembarrassed to say that my golf clubs got left behind but my stereo system – sans speakers – and my computer data fit into the car nicely.) Never once did I remorsefully reflect on Thoreau’s admonition to never accumulate more stuff than you can carry on your back. Deborah loaded up her car too. We never agreed on where it was we were going to evacuate to although we received several offers. She jammed her computer, all her photo albums, negatives, slides – dating back to 1972, a few knick knacks, a suitcase and 2 cases of water and snacks.

One thing for sure I learned during this episode is that my pastor is really doing his job. We got 5 phone calls from him making sure we were OK. (90% of our church actually was evacuated from their homes – see my comments on numbers below).

The Cedar Fire in October 25 of 2003, which brought flames to within 1/2 mile of our house in Poway, burned 280,000 acres and destroyed 2,200 houses and killed 15, is now supposedly taking a back seat to these current fires WRT overall severity. Current reports of 400,000 acres burned indicate that this assessment is true.

I don’t remember being glued to a TV four years ago watching the local news reporting of the status of the fires. But this time, I had nothing else to do. So, here I am to blog what I found out about our local newscasters.

1. Some day there may be actual coordination between entities news reporting the news. As it stands right now, they make totally independent reports. This makes for a great deal of innefficiency. I would like to see a station be assigned to a specific fire, rather than the present case in which each station tries to cover everything. I doubt I will ever see this idea put into practice.

2. The reporters don’t really know the territory. This results in some pretty goofy mistakes that local residents, who are the ones that actually need correct info, pick up on immediately and are left scratching their heads.

3. Reporters don’t know East from West. We heard this all the time. It drove me crazy.

4. Verbal reports either from the faces behind the desks or on the street would be overlaid on videos that didn’t match what was being reported.

5. Videos that were gratuitously displayed just because. I would like to see every video labelled with time and location. (This would help eliminate running and re-running old shots that they tend to put up just because they want so bad to show houses burning to the ground).

6. Anecdotal stories that just waste time. We want information not sentimental interviews with folks¬† about how they got their cat out alive. Speaking of cats, we’ve got a lot of animals in SoCal. So, the authorities have to expend an enormous amount of effort to deal with horse evacuations.

7. Numbers. You’ve probably heard that there have been 900,000 people evacuated (that figure may include the Malibu area, but they like to play games with statistics so one can’t really tell). I personally don’t believe it, but I may be wrong. First of all, that would mean that there are, for example, 900 shelters that each can hold 1000 people. (I am ignoring however many people may have checked into hotels in safe areas. Every motel and hotel in San Diego safe areas have NO VACANCY signs out front.) Qualcomm stadium alone is only housing 9000 people (at press time). I have seen lists of shelters go by for three days and I can state that I have seen at most MAYBE 50 shelters opened up few of which can hold 1000 people. I think what they are really claiming is that the populations of the areas evacuated totals 900,000 people.¬† Secondly, we are just two of the many folks that ignored the evacuation order. This morning I drove through our old Poway neighborhood that was one of those told to evacuate, and I could see no evidence at all that anyone left.

Many of my regular readers might agree with my findings since they live here too. What do you think? Tell us how you saved your cat.

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