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January 6, 2007

Coming soon is a series of posts that may be unlik…

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Coming soon
is a series of posts that may be unlike all my other series. All my other series had this in common. They all were never finished. But I have committed to leading a Bible study at a drug and alcohol rehab center in Vista, Ca. I plan to put each outline up weekly on this blog as I proceed through the “study”.

I have chosen the gospel of Mark. I have committed to 9 weeks. That works out to about 2 chapters per week.

I plan to emphasize to those in attendance that we won’t be studying the book as much as hearing it. I hope to conclude the whole series by having the whole book read to them in one sitting. This feature I am going to conceal until the end. It may turn out not to be such a good idea. But if they get hooked on hearing God’s covenantal summons in Mark, I may feel it a good way to conclude the session. We’ll see.

Thanks to my friend, Mike, whose shoes I will be filling at this facility while he takes a break and gets ready for when he resumes in mid-spring and who made this opportunity possible.

On the seminary front, a month or so ago, I tentatively made up my mind to drop out of the MDiv program and switch to a shorter program. Doing this would amount to bailing out on ordination. As of the last few weeks, I have changed my mind. I will continue to pursue the MDiv and ordination.


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  1. Ordination huh? Good for you.

    Comment by Michael — January 13, 2007 @ 5:42 am

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