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December 30, 2006

I finished the fall semester at school. It was ver…

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I finished the fall semester at school.
It was very grueling because of my weak paper writing skills. On the plus side, though, I met some new friends. That is the bonus I get for being on the 10 year plan. I meet triple the number of classmates than the normal student.

Here is a snapshot of my Christian mind class in list format:

Three covenants
1) Covenant of redemption
2) Covenant of works
3) Covenant of grace

Three speech act aspects
1) locution
2) illocution
3) perlocution

Three kinds of knowledge WRT God:
1) univocal – Our knowledge is identical to God’s knowledge – this one is not possible
2) analogical – Knowledge of what God is like, but not what he is
3) equivocal – No intersection of our knowledge with God’s is possible – (we’re not that bad off)

Three things God is:
1) Principium Essendi
2) Principium Cogniscendi
3) Principium Loquendi

Three states of man:
1) posse non peccare -Adam (trans: posse = possible; peccare = to sin)
2) non posse non peccare – us in this present age
3) non posse peccare – us in the consummation age

Three ladders of human ascent to attain the beatific vision: (if you are doing these, stop)
1) mysticism
2) theological speculation
3) merit

Three things you must do to be a theologian (from Luther)
1) Study
2) Pray
3) Suffer

Four models for understanding how theology works
1) cognitive-propositionalist
2) experiential-expressivist
3) cultural-linguistic
4) canonical-linguistic

Three views on apologetics (philosophies of knowledge):
1. Classical (Rationalism)
2. Evidentialist (Empiricism)
3. Presuppositionalist (Covenantal)

Four approaches to scriptural hermeneutics
1) Covenantal-Eschatalogical
2) Text-Sense
3) Authorial Discourse
4) Narrative

Four anxieties
1) Ancient age – anxiety over death
2) Medieval age – anxiety over guilt
3) Modern age – anxiety over meaninglessness
4) Postmodern age – anxiety over truthlessness

Collection of duos:
1) Creator vs. creature
2) ontological vs. ethical
3) overcoming estrangement vs. meeting a stranger
4) under-realized eschatology vs. over-realized eschatology
5) theology of glory vs. theology of the cross
6) seeing vs. hearing
7) law vs. gospel


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