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November 26, 2006

Long time no post, eh? Well, I’ve been busy. I am …

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Long time no post, eh?
Well, I’ve been busy. I am writing my paper for the WSCAL Christian Mind class I am taking. I was thinking about things and I ‘fessed up to Big D the other day that when I dropped out of college to embark on a career of serious drug use back in 1970, the primary contributing factor for dropping out was that in my major, which was Political Science, the biggest part of getting graduated was writing all the papers that were required. I hated writing papers and the easiest way out of writing them was to quit. So I did.

So here I am again. I tried to get an early start so I began this project about a month ago. I still have a week left and I hope to finish by Monday night. That will give me a few weeks to catch up on reading and study for the final.

I have a friend from WSCAL who is in my Christian Mind class who says once he gets his thesis, his outline and his secondary resources lined up, he can spit out his 15 or so pages in about 3 hours. And I believe him.


November 6, 2006

If Hussein’s hanging is done in public (which I b…

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If Hussein’s
hanging is done in public (which I believe it will be) will you watch it on youtube? Yea or nay?

November 1, 2006

Revelation as new awareness: This is a modern soun…

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Revelation as new awareness:
This is a modern sounding view. It goes something like this. Revelation is a breakthrough to a higher level of consciousness as humanity is drawn to a fuller participation in the divine creativity. We become co-creators with God.

Unlike the private, mystical religion as inner experience or encounter of the individual with God, this view shares the mysticism but is more corporate in its outlook. As we participate in the great movements of history revelation heightens and enlarges our understanding of the transcendent, of the divine. This is like seeing yourself fall into step with a movement and in it find truth.

God never reveals himself from outside by intrusion but from within by stimulation and enrichment of the human psychic current. The sound of his voice being made recognizable by the fullness and coherence it contributes to our individual and collective being. It leaves your autonomy completely intact. Revelation isn’t rearranging your furniture, it is just turning the light on. It enlarges your sense of who you are.

This view then is characterized by discovery of already known truth, or re-cognition. Not the acquiring of new truth. We uncover in the poor, for example, what Jesus is and why it is that we are drawn to the poor. We discover why it is that we identify with a cause because we recognize Jesus in it.

This can be seen in many ways. An example that might strike a chord is the religious right seeing God revealed in the nationalism via the symbol of the American flag. An example is liberation theology. Here, we see Jesus as embodied in the poor. We align ourselves with this movement and in doing so get swept up in this as our revelation of God.

Another example is Jane Fonda. She purports to be a Christian. What has happened is that she has made the discovery that Jesus was a feminist. (Woman at the well, the woman caught in adultery, having such great love for women when it was unpopular to do so, etc. etc.) So, she sees that Jesus now aligns with what she holds dear. Therefore she now blesses Jesus as acceptable to her while her autonomy is stronger than ever. She now recognizes Jesus as the purveyor of truth, something she was in the dark on prior to making this discovery. This feels like revelation to her.

One left.

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