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October 21, 2006

Is this what revelation is? Revelation as doctrin…

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Is this what revelation is?

Revelation as doctrine, or God as teacher. Revelation according to this view is principally found in clear propositional statements attributed to God as authoritative teacher. Basically this is the view of Roman Catholic neo-scholasticism, Thomism (i.e. Thomas Aquinas) and also of protestant evangelicalism. Revelation for these orthodox evangelicals is thus equated with the meaning of the Bible taken as a set of propositional statements each expressing a divine affirmation valid always and everywhere. Carl Henry states that God is revealed “in the whole canon of scripture which objectively communicates in propositional verbal form the content and meaning of all God’s revelation. – God’s revelation is rational communication conveyed in intelligible ideas and meaningful words; that is, in conceptual verbal form.” Henry approvingly quotes Gordon Clark “aside from imperative sentences, and a few exclamations in the Psalms, the Bible is composed of propositions.” Henry writes, “theology consists essentially in the repetition, combination and systematization of the truth of revelation in its propositionally given biblical form.”

Note: the reference above to “protestant evangelicalism” refers to it in its broadest sense. That is, mainline protestant denominations (liberals) and also the broad spectrum of conservative (red state) believers. This is an assertion which you as an individual with your own opinion may not agree with. EDIT: By that I mean you might not agree that this is the predominant view held by Protestant evangelicals.



  1. I guess I would answer yes. Isn’t anything else borderline Gnosticism?

    Comment by Mike Shttp://msamudio.wordpress.com/ — October 22, 2006 @ 3:09 pm

  2. There are a few more ideas coming that you may like better, (or worse). These should be arriving one each on a daily basis. So, check back later on for a second view of revelation.

    Comment by Bruce S — October 22, 2006 @ 3:20 pm

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