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September 14, 2006

Not much forthcoming from my pen, huh? Well, I hav…

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Not much forthcoming
from my pen, huh? Well, I have been real busy with school. I am recording all the lectures for the Christian Mind class I am taking. Then I transcribe the lectures to file which I am posting at my classnotes.wordpress.com blog. Eventually I will get the actual tapes up for listening. I highly recommend that all my friends take a listen (or read them for now). It will help you know the Bible better and secondarily, it will help you know me better. Remember that they arrive in reverse order so if you want to start at the beginning, you should scroll down.

What I had been planning on doing is writing a small piece on each of the parallel verses between Job and the NT. I may get to that but at the moment, transcribing the recorded lectures is quite time consuming. Plus, soon I will be officially behind on my reading for that class. The only reason I am not behind already is that I started reading the assigned books last summer.


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