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June 20, 2006

Adam’s involvement in this will be quick and painl…

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Adam’s involvement in this
will be quick and painless. I bring him up to get you used to the idea of consummation. What do you think was Adam’s state prior to his fall? Had he attained the ultimate in all that human’s can hope for? Or was he in a probationary state?

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out that I contend (along with the Reformers) that he was on probation. Probation means that one is awaiting an outcome prior to being either DQ’ed or being promoted. Had he passed his probation, the consummation would have occurred right then and there. However, in that case, the consummation would have only consisted in ultimate blessing for him and all his progeny – all those over whom he was the federal head.

He of course failed his probation. Again, the consummation could have occurred right then and there. Owing to his failure, that consummation would have been ultimate judgment. God was not satisfied with that outcome. He desires to deliver that ultimate blessing. His desire to bless and his demand for justice however had brought about two things. One, is that the consummation will consist in both blessing and curse destruction. The other is that the consummation had to be delayed.

Now what was it that made this delay possible? Common grace. Not saving grace but grace common to all men. Both the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman.

Common grace is the stage, eschatological consummation is the goal. In fact the eschatological consummation) goal shows up in the grand drama of history before any notion of the salvation of the elect from the curse destruction.



  1. How long was the probation? Would consummation have proceeded immediately if Adam had passed the test of the snake (by properly exercising federal headship authority and preventing her from eating the apple)? How long would Adam’s deathless probation have continued if they had passed that test?

    Comment by son1http://ruberad.wordpress.com — June 21, 2006 @ 4:19 pm

  2. Of course, no one knows. The point is that the probation (by definition) had to have an end. To be endlessly in probation would have amounted to a hellish curse. Your last question seems to have a flaw. Passing the test (probation) means ending the probation. Are you really asking if deathlessness was Adam’s had he passed? I would say yes.

    But the real key is the posse non peccare. In the flesh, for us now, we are not in a state of posse non peccare – possible to not sin. We are in a much worse condition, non posse non peccare – not possible to not sin. That’s just a sad fact. Totally depraved yet saved. Luther’s simul justus et peccator. In the deathless consummation, we will be in the state Adam would have been, non posse peccare, not possible to sin.

    Comment by Bruce S — June 21, 2006 @ 6:22 pm

  3. Had he resisted and not ate would not the tree still remain in the garden? Would Satan had been eliminated from the scene?

    Comment by thin air — June 21, 2006 @ 8:49 pm

  4. Happy Birthday!! Trying to focus on my writing project, which is overwhelming in its scope, I am avoiding all comment on your various posts. Not out of lack of interest but out of self-preservation.

    Comment by Sister — June 22, 2006 @ 12:56 pm

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