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June 17, 2006

I’m not done, yet. I do realize that I threw out …

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I’m not done,
yet. I do realize that I threw out the study on intrusion in an inflammatory manner. That is my style and I probably should ratchet my colorful use of the language if I don’t want to lose half my audience. I also realize that I more or less started in the middle. Without some biblical theology context, buying into my argument is a bit tougher. Note: this is not my argument, actually. It is also not all that esoteric either. The basic approach has been around for ages.

Themes that require development to buttress the argument are as follows:
– Adam’s probation and what it means.
– Eschatology and how it plays in at the very beginning.
– The importance of common grace and how all of history is possible because of it.
– What a theocracy is.
– That OT Israel is a theocracy
– That OT Israel is the typological consummated kingdom of heaven
– As such, Israel is an intrusion of the consummation onto the common grace stage of history.
– The New Covenant era is less of a typifier of the coming consummation age than the OT era.

Once this is laid out, the controversial “intrusion ethics” becomes almost a footnote to all the above Biblical Theology themes listed.

I also realize that the above development is something that practically nobody cares about these days. But, don’t forget, I also have a “so what” section planned. Each of the above will be given a very short treatment, so check back.



  1. It may not be esoteric, but I’ve never heard of this in my N years on this sphere. So, I’m hoping to learn something new. I wonder why it’s not discussed or preached about. Or maybe it is and I’m not familiar with this approach.

    Comment by out of thin air — June 19, 2006 @ 9:14 pm

  2. Thanks for commenting. It will hopefully come out in later entries, but a good part of this is heavily traversed ground WRT what Israel’s entrance/conquest of the promised land was a type of. I heard it a lot at our church down in San Diego throughout the 1980’s.

    These articles are going a bit further (if not deeper).

    You may feel better when the “so what” section arrives.

    Comment by Bruce S — June 19, 2006 @ 9:37 pm

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