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March 21, 2006

Another memory from my past: This one is not quite…

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Another memory from my past:
This one is not quite as deep (if even the last one was). One of the things I always wanted as a kid was a walkie-talkie set. I couldn’t imagine a cooler device. The thought of talking to a buddy who was a block away just enthralled me. Now, I could have gone into our dining room and made a phone call (the phone was on the wall by the back bay window) but my buddy would pretty much have to go back home to his phone so I could ‘walkie-talkie’ him. No fun.

I made the two soup cans connected by the string deal many times. It worked, sort of (but only if the string was held taut. Kind of limited the range). But it was free. But the real McCoy, which I know I found in catalogs, was out of my price range.

Where did this memory come from? I went to the gym today and on the tread-mill next to me was this 25 year old babe who had this super high-tech cell phone. It was definitely a case of ‘look, Ma, no hands.” I still don’t really know what was going on. The phone itself was laying in the tread-mill junk tray. But she had some kind of giant ear-ring on that must have been a phone (a walkie-talkie of my dreams).

I know all this because she was committing the cardinal gym sin – using the cell phone while working out. Not only that, but she was having a fight with her boyfriend on the phone!

Now here is the odd part. I don’t have a cell phone. It never occurred to me to get one. I guess it goes along with the modern-day definition of hermit, “someone with out a cell-phone”.

Now, where are those soup cans?



  1. #1 & #2 actually have two pair of walkie-talkies, and they never use them. Well, #2 likes to hear the static and beep the Morse button, but that’s about it. Maybe when #2 learns how to operate it properly. In the meantime, you wanna borrow a pair?

    Don’t you think that eavesdropping has increased now that people are having more phone calls in public? I love that. Also, I stumbled on a Jerry Springer of a blog a while back, a woman, married, had a kid, divorced, living with her ex, married a new guy, still living with the ex, had another kid, new husband fools around with ex-husband’s girlfriend, another divorce, . . . I almost thought it was some kind of faked-up marketing soap opera, but the amazing thing was, all three of these people had blogs going, recounting the same events! Until the second divorce got ugly, and two of the blogs disappeared (is that considered evidence tampering?). It’s not interesting anymore with only the ex still blogging, so I stopped reading. But was I (or anyone enjoying someone else’s salacious cellphone call) somehow committing the sin of gossip?

    Comment by RubeRadhttp://ruberad.wordpress.com — March 21, 2006 @ 5:18 pm

  2. As soon as I read the first paragraph, I said to myself, “How ironic. They guy doesn’t even own a cell phone. Maybe never even used one.”

    Comment by Anthony — March 26, 2006 @ 8:28 pm

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