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February 27, 2006

Another reason to eschew CCM in preference to your…

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Another reason to eschew
CCM in preference to your garden variety hymn of yesteryear:

Lead on, O King eternal,
The day of march has come;
Henceforth in fields of conquest
Thy tents shall be our home.
Through days of preparation
Thy grace has made us strong;
And now, O King eternal,
We lift our battle song.

Lead on, O King eternal,

Till sin’s fierce war shall cease,
And holiness shall whisper
The sweet amen of peace.
For not with swords’ loud clashing,
Nor roll of stirring drums;
With deeds of love and mercy
The heavenly kingdom comes.

Lead on, O King eternal,

We follow, not with fears,
For gladness breaks like morning
Where’er Thy face appears.
Thy cross is lifted over us,
We journey in its light;
The crown awaits the conquest;
Lead on, O God of might.


Here is a quote: "From the first, therefore, I hav…

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Here is a quote:

“From the first, therefore, I have always said to myself, “if the battle is to be fought with honor and with a hope of victory, then principle must be arrayed against principle; then it must be felt that in Modernism the vast energy of an all-embracing life-system assails us, then also it must be understood that we have to take our stand in a life-system of equally comprehensive and far-reaching power. When thus taken, I found and confessed and I still hold, that this manifestation of the Christian principle is given us in Calvinism. In Calvinism my heart has found rest. From Calvinism have I drawn the inspiration firmly and resolutely to take my stand in the thick of this great conflict of principles.”

This statement of Calvinism being a dominating principle may confuse some who only think of Calvinism in a context of TULIP, or Calvinism as a doctrine of salvation. But in actuality, Calvinism is not just “one man’s opinion” about salvation but the dominating principle that in the widest possible cosmological sense, the Triune God is Sovereign over the whole cosmos, in all its spheres and kingdoms, visible and invisible.

The funny thing is that just as this battle was being won, the enemy changed uniforms. It is now not modernism that is arraying its forces against truth, it is post-modernism that we battle. In post-modernism (definitely I am no expert) the idea is that truth is variable and, as it relates to scripture, the text contains no inherent truth but it becomes true, variable, for each person, uniquely, as he encounters the text in his own way and time.This next quote seems to suggest that this approach to scripture is bankrupt from the start:

“For this purpose I was born and for this purpose I have come into the world- to bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth listens to my voice.”

February 22, 2006

I just wanted to thank those that responded with t…

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I just wanted
to thank those that responded with their thoughts, encouragement and prayers.

February 19, 2006

Regardless how others may structure their life, I…

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Regardless how others may
structure their life, I (and Deb) measure time not by birthdays or January Firsts but by February 18s that go by. One year ago today was the 5 year mark, supposedly significant because on Feb 19, 2000, I went numb sitting on a chair in our kitchen and I remarked (probably to myself only) that it felt like it happened 5 years ago, even though it had only been just less than 24 hours. So, last Feb 18 I got to experience what 5 years actually feels like. I was sitting on a chair in my garage smoking a cigar (it was raining out) and I remarked to myself that 5 years is not really any better than 1 year was or 2.

All of a sudden, sitting there, I had what amounted to 10 minutes of peace. It seemed like a big knot in my neural networks had been untied. If there was a drug that could produce that sense, I would be on it. It did only last 10 minutes but it was good.

That was what got my year underway. The highlights of the next 12 months are what follows:
March – Deb and I went to the Ladies Dinah Shore-Nabisco golf tournament in Palm Springs for our wedding aniversary. Interestingly, we skipped church on Easter for that trip.
April-Deb and I (along with friends) went to the Eastern Orthodox Easter service and sang ‘Christ conquered death by death’. Tina and Reuben announced that they were expecting their third child some time in November.
May-I had the pleasure of a kidney stone attack. I learned that if you are banking on morphine to get you out of issues with pain at some future point, you may be in for a disappointment. Emily and Alex announced that they were expecting their third child some time in January ’06.
June-Deb and I travelled to Denver to visit Aunt Ruth. We had a great time talking with her and reminiscing. Sandwiched around the stop in Denver were days in Phoenix, Albuquerque, and national parks in Utah.
July– Black hole month.
August-Andrea and Tony announced that they were expecting their second child some time in late April ’06.
September-Enrolled in the Ministry of the Word class at Westminster after several months (8) being away from seminary. I had serious reservations about continuing. But made the decision to enroll. The class was outstanding and I learned alot about gospel preaching.
October-The US government canceled its 5 billion dollar contract that I was working on, abruptly putting an end to everything I had done at work over the previous 5 years. Jennifer and Jim S. came for a visit. Pined for somehow being close to all of the family (impossible).
November– We started attending First Presbyterian Church. They have a great choir and a great organ. They play real music. MJS, grandson #4 was born on Nov. 15.
December-Finished my Ministry of the Word class, three credits closer to graduating. MJS was baptized
January-MCN, grandson #5 didn’t make it under the ’05 tax break wire but was the first child born in their town in 2006.

Tomorrow morning we will get up and tackle year seven.

February 17, 2006

A while back I said that I was quitting reading Ch…

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A while back
I said that I was quitting reading Christian blogs. Well, that was true and I have. The habit for reading those certain blogs, which I haven’t read in well over a month, is pretty much gone. The reason I wanted to quit was that, while they were informative, (they have a national readership with lots of commenters) they tended to promote a critical spirit. Oddly, the irony at times, was their tendency to be critical of those groups which tend to be critical. So, I think I am off it.

However, I have a new thing: reading Christian blogs. It turns out that many of my fellow WSCAL students have blogs. These are different. They tend to be more personal and a lot less polemical. I don’t really get to know very well any of these fellow students, so reading some of these has allowed me to learn about them at a different, non-academic level. Reading these blogs has basically rocked my world, so to speak. I have found out that anyone who characterizes WSCAL and its students as, nearly, Sandemanian (remember that post from a long while back) having no real devotion (as I have heard WSCAL described more than once) is all wet.

The line goes like this: If you are conservative, Reformed, a Calvinist, then you are only concerned with getting your doctrine perfect, as if it is the doctrine itself that you worship. Head knowledge, not heart knowledge. (If you know me, you know I don’t buy that heart knowledge bit, but you get the idea. In fact, that false characterization of WSCAL more describes me than anyone I have run into at the seminary. But I have my own agenda for being there. I am in fact there precisely to learn the Bible -you know, faith comes by hearing the word, and all that). But these guys actually want to be pastors. Think of that, you go to a seminary because your motive is not to acquire a precise doctrinal knowledge.

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