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January 27, 2006

What do you think of the recent flap about Google’…

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What do you think
of the recent flap about Google’s censoring of its Chinese search engine. Apparently, at least part of the problem is that the Feds (Comms) fear that too much info about Fulan Gong will be too easily spread through out the populace.

Well, that led me to a little research and now I am a Fulan Gong expert. This is what I know: This ‘religion’ started 14 years ago. There are now, reputedly, 70 million followers in China and 30 million more world-wide. One of its key beliefs is that properly performed, Fulan Gong-ians somehow acquire a spinning wheel (a Fulan) in their abdomens. This wheel is the thing that brings about all the benefits of the practice. Such as healing, i.e. physical healing.

One web-site I found commented that Fulan Gong was part Buddhist, part Hindu and part Christian. That got my interest. Looking a bit further, I saw that the ‘part Christian’ aspect consisted in that the founder of Fulan Gong is on record stating that homosexuality is disgusting, dirty and morally wrong. If my deductions are correct, having seen no direct mention of Christianity anywhere else in the article, I can conclude that to the secular press, one thing that stands out to them about Christianity is a supposed moralism.

It is telling to consider that in 14 years the number of Fulan Gong followers in China now roughly equal the number of Christians in China.

Of course, if you think the spinning wheel in your belly is weird, consider that we believe that the creator of the universe decided to inhabit a human body. (My Christology is undeveloped and that statement doesn’t really reflect it, obviously, but you get the idea).


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  1. Hey, Bruce, send me your new email address and this time I promise to put it into my address book.

    Comment by Sister — February 4, 2006 @ 9:15 pm

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