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January 19, 2006

Warning: the following post contains possibly offe…

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Warning: the following post
contains possibly offensive language. Reader beware. Actually, it shouldn’t bother most of you who have heard yours truly in moments of weakness. I have been collecting ‘God’ snippets. God snippets are quotes picked up off the newswires (Internet, of course) that contain references to ‘God’. I set off ‘God’ with quotes to reflect the degree to which I look askance at the practice of creating Him in our own image. I capitalize ‘God’ because those using the term think they are (just like we do) referring to the God who deserves, if not loving with all our mind, soul and strength, at least capitalization.

The context of the quote (which doesn’t actually use the word God, but you get the idea) is that of Philipino fans of their boxing hero, a native Philipino in the lightweight class who has a title fight coming up. Here is the quote: “I have a lot of faith in him and he knows the Filipinos are praying for him. He’s going to kick ass.

There was a time when God was so feared that no-one dared even utter the name. In fact, they weren’t even sure what the name(s) were.

I guess those days are over many some quarters.

I have a few more that I am saving up. And I am always on the lookout for new ones.


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