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October 30, 2005

Back again to get back on the winning streak. I am…

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Back again to get back
on the winning streak. I am going to abandon my theory of picking the winner of games where the spread is closest to zero. At least in one game. The other operative theory is pick against teams that nobody can believe they are as bad as they are. That would be the Baltimore Ravens. Another theory is pick for teams that nobody can believe they are as good as they are. So I have one of each of these approaches this week:

Pitt to cover 8.5 pts favored over the Ravens
Denver to cover 3 pts favored over the Eagles
Cleveland to win straight up in an even game against the Houston Texans.

My blogging should pick up a bit for a while since I have finished my mid-term. The test was very tough but, of course, very fair. It was tough because we were accountable for a lot of material and that required a lot of studying on my part. Basically I had to go back into each book assigned and hunt for specific sections, assimilate them, summarize them and memorize them. Then the hard part was actually writing essays on the test. Rather than just shoot a brain dump, I tried to actually compose structured prose. So the problem turned out to be that I ran out of time on the test. I also had to leave one question pretty much unanswered because it was on one of the books I hadn’t read – I didn’t discover I had to read it until two nights before the exam.

However, I have learned that exams and preparing for them is where a large part of the learning is done.


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