Who Owes Me Three Dollars?

September 1, 2005

I’ll interrupt my research (hah) to interject this…

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I’ll interrupt my research (hah)
to interject this comment, in the form of a question. How much revenue loss do local charities suffer when a big disaster occurs? There has to be some (probably significant) funneling away from local charities when a major city is destroyed, eh? So, do you feel that you should think twice before you send your relief check? Maybe you should be the one to remember the locals who need a constant inflow of cash regardless what is happening around the globe.

On a somewhat related note, the AFLAC insurance corp. recently offered the following donation to New Orleans. They are giving a 90 day grace period on insurance premiums to N.O. residents. That causes me to wonder how many N.O. residents even have health insurance.

Back to work.


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  1. Katrina and the tsunami (remember the tsunami??) of last year challenges our giving habits. The operative word here is “habits.” Each of us should settle in our hearts and minds, under God’s leading, to give X amount, an amount that focuses on the needs in our immediate paths and the needs of the greater world. Then when disasters come, and come they will–we know that, we can give the extra (needed–no one can answer all calls for help, even Bill Gates) without sacrificing the day-to-day commitments we have made for the particular community God has placed us in. Because he puts all of us in communities, we can trust he will use all of them together to meet the needs of his peoples.

    If we operated on emotions alone, we’d soon get numb and jaded. If we operated on thoughts alone, we’d be hard-hearted. Either way, it’s not a good way to be a steward. We review our plan each year as the new school year begins (that’s our fiscal year, so to speak). In any case, the words of my student are relevant here–we should be open-palmed, hand-extended and holding our possessions loosely because what we do with them reflects our hearts.

    P.S. This is my second try at this–now that I know what verification means, I hope it will post….

    Comment by Sisterhttp://writingonreading.blogspot.com — September 2, 2005 @ 6:32 pm

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